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ALIEN - выживаем, собираем детальки, не попадаемся на глаз Чужому.

You are the last survivor of the crew of the spaceship which came alien.

The only chance to save themselves is to leave the spaceship in the rescue pod. Kill the alien can only destroy the whole spaceship and why you set the self-destruct. That this time you have to collect fuel cells and reach the entrance to the rescue pod.

There are two difficulties. EASY, where you can see the entire level or HARD, where You have restricted visibility. The warning icon at the top left shows the oncoming alien and its distance. Number of fuel cells is shown at the bottom left. Time to destroy the spaceship is displayed at the bottom right.

SCORE is remaining time in miliseconds (1 sec = 1000 points).
You can send your score to the web and the top 10 results will be displayed in the Hall of Fame!

Android 4.0 и выше

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