Лого Ball Patrol 3D

Ball Patrol 3D

16 декабря 2013 | DROIDOFF


Solve 3D puzzles, defuse BOMBS, discover an explosive world of robots, turrets and mazes! Join the Bomb Squad!
★ Fight angry robots getting in your way!
★ Cool gadgets: ● Force ● EMP ● Stealth ● Bomb Shield!
★ Activate lasers, push switches, detonate dynamite!
★ Beware hazards, magnetic bombs, steam turrets!
★ Minigames: ● Catch fish ● Shatter glass into pieces!
★ Control Ball Patrol Drone on glass and wood platforms!
(tilt device, teeter style balance game)
★ Highly realistic 3D physics engine!
★ Explore action-packed levels, get ready for an adventure!
★ Scoreloop online scores and achievements!
★ Featuring hip-hop beats by The Passion HiFi (facebook.com/thepassionhifi)


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Ball Patrol drone serves the Bomb Squad department. Gadgets:
✓ Force Field: repels objects, clears the wood platforms.
✓ EMP: causes zombie behavior to enemy units.
✓ Stealth: renders Ball Patrol invisible to robots, turrets, lasers.
✓ Bomb Shield attenuates magnetic bomb explosions.

Android 2.2 и выше

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