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29 октября 2015 | DROIDOFF


Baxie - хардкорная аркада на андроид с элементами физики, в которой Вы должны управлять коробкой по имени Бокси.

Baxie is a fast paced physics game, in which the player must control a friendly blue box known as Baxie.

The goal of the game is to spin and bounce into yellow platforms, and turn them into blue platforms.
Watch out though! You must control Baxie to a precise degree, in order to avoid spikes, saws, and falling evil cubes.

Baxie has particles that spin around him, based on his movements, which help him obtain points and defeat the evil cubes Although he is not invincible and if an evil cube touches Baxie, game over!

Collect 20 points for an additional Baxie!
Can you become the master of physics?

Over 20+ levels and counting, with many more to come as updates roll out.
Hours of fun!
Challenges that will require skill.
Download now & have fun!

Android 2.3 и выше

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