Лого BeeBee / Don’t Tap The Wrong Flower

BeeBee / Don’t Tap The Wrong Flower

8 октября 2014 | DROIDOFF


BeeBee - аркада на андроид на внимание и скорость.

Game on attention and speed. Tap as much and as fast as you can.
Don’t tap the wrong flower, be careful. Only white flowers are safe. Beware of dangerous tiles: predatory flowers, green grass and fade flowers.
Help little bee to return home to its beehive.

Game Modes:
Classic: tap all 40 flowers and show the fastest time;
Time Trial: make your best in 20 seconds;
Survival: try to fly as far as you can, try to survive!


Ссылка на видео BeeBee / Don’t Tap The Wrong Flower


- Appealing graphics and funny music;
- Easy to play;
- Suitable for all age ranges;
- Time killer.

Android 4.0 и выше

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