Лого Block Impossible Cube Protocol

Block Impossible Cube Protocol

4 ноября 2014 | AMEPOH


Block Impossible Cube Protocol is an elite first person shooter game that weapon lovers will love. Enjoy a wide selection of melee and firearm weapons, or fight hand-to-hand for the ultimate fighting action. Let the bullets fly in this action packed campaign to clear your name of murder charges and lay waste to the scum terrorists who framed you.

How To Play:

Fight your way against mobs of enemy clans. Foes will attack in single units or large numbers. Snipers will let their ammo fly, so be on the lookout for enemies who lurk in the shadows. Utilize your entity map and scout enemy warriors as you advance. Feel the danger in heart pumping 3D pixel/block game graphics that deliver explosively massive and dangerous landscapes that will challenge your reflexes and wits. Keep your eyes peeled for helpful perks such as speed, ammo and health pickups that will aid in your survival. Enjoy them while you can. These perks will decrease as the levels progress, just as the number of enemies you encounter increases. Watch your health meter and equip your favorite gun. Precision aiming will help you nail foes and advance through the game to ultimate victory. Be the sole survivor. Be the champion and earn your bragging rights, this is Block Impossible: Craft Protocol.

Back Story:

An elite secret agent for the block government, you are sent on a mission with an espionage team of top agents to collect classified information concerning the epic phenomenon, Cult, that recruits agents through a simulation that drains them of their free will until they became something else entirely. It is during this mission that your team is attacked and all are inexplicably killed except for you. Fighting for the truth behind this brutal and unexpected attack and searching for answers to your own survival, the answers reveal themselves when you discover you are being framed for their death and the failed mission that led to the loss of critical information on enemy droid advancement. Fleeing from government assassins and encountering enemies left and right, the hunt for proof of your innocence and an end to the culprit who framed you looms large as you fight to stay alive. The hunt is on as you fight to stay one step ahead of your pursuers and draw nearer to the ultimate battle and test of your skills.


Hidden weapons
Entity map
Health meter
Precision aiming
First person shooter action
Ammo, health, and speed pickups
Three epic maps to dominate and explore:
*Throne Room
*Coliseum Arena

Android 2.3 и выше

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