Лого Brainstorm - a party game

Brainstorm - a party game

22 ноября 2015 | DROIDOFF


Brainstorm - a party game - отличный набор развивающих игр на андроид.
You've played the "one note" party games; now play the one that keeps the party going with loads of categories for loads of fun! And zany challenges that get everyone into the action.

Brainstorm, a party game is a group game that rolls many favorites into one - with a few surprise categories as well! Played in two teams of any size, it’s designed to keep players with all types of skills and interests having a blast.

9 Stimulating Categories of On-Your-Toes Game Play, with over 9,000 Challenges!

- Act-it (charades) - One person acts out the clue for the rest of the team.
- Guess-it (word clues) – Give your team clues to guess as many words as they can in 1 minute.
- List-it (things in a category) - You’ve got 60 seconds to shout out the 9 answers listed in the given category.
- Draw-it (draw the clue) - One player sketches a clue and the rest of the team guesses as quickly as they can.
- Match-it (memory) - Find the pairs as quickly as you can, watch out for the moving tiles.
- Perform-it (reverse charades) – The pressure’s on as the group acts out the clue for just one guesser.
- Order-it (sorting challenge) - Put the listings in order … shortest to longest, oldest to newest, etc.
- Built-it (tangram torture!) - Use geometric shapes to build a picture of the clue.
- Know-it (trivia challenge) – Your team’s got one minute to guess as many trivia questions as you can.


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Variety Keeps Things Interesting - Your family and friends won’t get bored after the second round with 9 different categories of game play challenges – there’s always something new to do … play them all, or just your favorites!

Set Your Own Schedule – play for just a few rounds or keep the fun going longer. Flexible settings let you decide how long to play.

Left Brain/Right Brain Challenges - We all have different skills – and this game hits them all -- so everyone contributes to the team.

Two Teams of Any Size - Everyone can be a part of the fun, no matter who or how many you have at your party!

The Variety of a Party Board Game - with the low price and portability of a mobile app. It’s the best of both worlds!

Play the Way You Like – customize the settings to include all categories of play, or just the ones your group enjoys the most.

Grandparent Proof – let’s face it, many party games apps just aren’t very robust … we’ve tested this one and it's grandparent proof.

It's a new take on good old-fashioned fun!

Android 2.3 и выше

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