Лого Captain Cowboy

Captain Cowboy

6 января 2016 | DROIDOFF


Captain Cowboy - проведите космического авантюриста через запутанные лабиринты на далеких планетах.

- Explore a huge handcrafted world;
- Get lost in your quests for diamonds;
- Get back on track with the handy automap;
- Find the mysterious exit warp room;
- Cross paths with friendly Snorkhogs and dangerous Gnurfs!
- Create avalanches of falling rocks in front of motion sensitive laser turrets;
- Explore the underwater caverns with quite impressive water physics;
- Visit the secret space station Discotek;
- Simulated 8 bit char based videochip using 1008 volumetric parallaxed tiles on screen and a quirky CRT-shader.


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All in this little one handed portrait puzzle adventure featuring no in-app purchases, no advertising and extra continues are included in the price. And no tutorial! It's just you and the game. Go for it!

Android 2.2 и выше

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