Лого Chased By The Sun

Chased By The Sun

5 марта 2016 | DROIDOFF


Chased By The Sun - оригинальная аркадная игра, в которой Вам нужно стараться улететь подальше от солнца, чтобы оно Вас не поглотило. В полете собирайте бонусы и перемещайтесь во времени всё дальше и дальше.

Welcome to CHASED BY THE SUN, the not-so-endless runner starring the tiny green spaceship with the gigantic ball of thermonuclear plasma in hot pursuit!

You know that scene at the end of a summer movie, when the hero has blown up the evil base but only has a minute to get away from the fireball before it engulfs them?

That's what CHASED is all about. Every level is like the explosive climax of an action film: a huge chase scene with chain reactions, close calls, and a narrow escape from any of 5 massive stars that tail you through gorgeous and deadly scenery, complete with ice to shatter, rocks to fling, moons to detonate and a series of black holes that...well, just watch out for them.


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Be warned: CHASED does not pull punches. It's an intense challenge. But with dynamic difficulty adjustment (not to mention checkpoints, shields, and unlimited lives!) the game allows newcomers of any skill level to experience everything it has to offer, all while giving expert pilots the tools to optimize their routes and compete for the best times.

There are no ads. There are no in-app purchases. We think CHASED BY THE SUN is a phenomenal trip without any of that extra clutter along for the ride.

Give it a try!

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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