Лого Cops & Robbers - Jail Break PE

Cops & Robbers - Jail Break PE

30 января 2015 | DROIDOFF


Cops & Robbers - Jail Break PE - игра, в которой мы будем строить тюрьму.

Cops And Robbers (Jail Break) is a fast paced prison jail action shooter and survival game where you play to survive among prison gangs and corrupt police guards.

Explore and attempt to escape a prison jail and advance further. Enter rooms, secret hideouts, and hide in the prison cells. Each gang controls a different area of the prison jail. Approach each with a different strategic play. Fight all the gang members.

Find and use weapons to fight gangs and survive. Uzi, Pistols, AK47, Snipers, Rocket launchers, knives and much more!

• Great choice of weapons, machine guns, semi automatics, pistols, sniper rifles and more;
• Mission code to kill all the gangs and take back the prison jail;
• Gangs, convicts, general population, police and swat;
• Huge prison jail to explore and takeover. Enter prison cells, secret locations, office rooms and all other areas of the prison jail;
• Get away and hide from gangs till the heat dies down;
• Amazing action-adventure gameplay in TPS;
• No In-App Purchases ever, with future updates coming Free;
• 5 Camera Angles to choose from while playing; Third person perspective (TPS), First person perspective (FPS), Right side view, Left side view, Bird's-eye perspective;
• Universal device support for Android.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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