Лого Cosmic Badger

Cosmic Badger

3 июня 2015 | DROIDOFF


Cosmic Badger - космический Барсук спасает свою планету. Платформер.

Cosmic Badger is a mobile platform game following the quest of a lone badger to save his planet using the majestic art of teleportation. A meteor is going to collide with the Badger Kingdom and must be destroyed before it's too late.

Cosmic Badger has travelled across the galaxy to track down the celestial bomb, and now he must navigate his way back home in order to destroy the meteor. Help our hero traverse dangerous worlds and avoid blowing up by teleporting past obstacles and terrain. Swipe the screen to place portals where the swipe starts and ends.


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Set over 21 different levels of increasing difficulty across 7 unique stages, reach the end of each level and collect all 100 coins to achieve the high score and save the badgers from disaster. The fate of the Badger Kingdom is in your hands!

Android 4.4 и выше

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