Лого Crazy Shooter

Crazy Shooter

13 февраля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Crazy Shooter - платформер в пиксельном стиле на андроид.

--- ОПИСАНИЕ ---
This shoot’em up is a nice retro shooter game drawn in pixel art, shoot on all monsters !!!
Crazy Shooter is a fast paced and dynamic 2D game inspired by arcade shooter games of the 90s.

▶ The aim is to finish all levels to eradicate all forms of life. Many creatures are waiting for you and even many bosses.
▶ You will unlock new weapons like the assault rifle, laser gun, bazooka, flame throwers and more!
▶ You will earn talent points for your character according to the levels earned to customize his abilities.


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● High tempo;
● New Worlds to unlock;
● Explosive Barrels;
● LifeBox;
● Gold coins to collect;
● Superb 8-bit soundtrack.

Crazy Shooter is one of the best, free and funny shooter game in 2D pixel.

Android 2.3 и выше

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