Лого Defender Rabbit

Defender Rabbit

27 сентября 2014 | AMEPOH


Defender R - Defender Rabbit
Best awsome top defender free game, defenders project 2nd series - Defender Rabbit
Keep the rules of the simple pattern defender game and
Defense the Castle Tower & Kill the Monster
Available in a variety of ways to play through three kinds of Rabbit Player & sub Cannon & Magic Upgrade Balance

- Silly Cute Funny Doodle Monster Design
1 Normal Crocodile : basic monster stats Crocodile
2 Fast Lizard : a sleek fast but very weak health Lizard
3 Screws Turtle : slowly coming much health Turtle
4 Apple Monkeys : throw the apple outside walls nasty Monkey
5 Suicide Penguin : very fast and self-destruct in front of the walls Dynamite Penguin
6 Horn Lizard : Holding Be careful Hammer man slowly gets closer
7 Crazy Cannon Turtle : Crazy Turtle to launch the big apple in a large cannon

- Arrow Bomb Knife Missile Turret instead of Carrot Apple Lime appeared
1 Throw up a carrot rather than the arrow in the big player rabbit defense cannon
2 In a small Defense Cannon fired from the left and right sides each with different abilities cannon capable carrot rather than sweetly
3 Apple launches enemy monster. Apple Monkey and Crazy Cannon Turtle
4 Conclusions are going to dead eating carrots enemies

- Variety of over 20 types of Castle Rabbit Cannon Magic Upgrade the stats lift
1 Defender of carrot rabbit throwing Rounds Attack Damage, Rate Speed, Knockback, Critical Attack, Bonus Reward, Multi Carrots Upgrade
2 help the Rabbit Sub Cannon Basic Attack, Basic Rate, four type Special Abilities
3 Castle Walls of the base defense HP and MP, and Fire Ball Freezing Ice Gravity Magic Upgrade
4 Defender sub Cannon mount Menu
5 Quest Menu. You can get more Gold Bonus.

- Four Special Abilities Sub Cannon
1 Poison Cannon : Deducted to launch the Hemlock 1-8% per enemy HP per second, Required in the Later Levels.
2 Limes Cannon : for the enemy to slow movement speed by firing a sticky carrot Intermediate
3 Ice Cannon: Temporarily stop the enemy launched a carrot ice movement and attack for inadequate Intermediate
4 Sniper Cannon: ability to knock back enemies with 100% critical. Very useful in the early sub Canon

- Can Secure a More Gold from the 7 Quest Mission
1 Defeated many enemy monster
3 Defeated many Boss monster
3 Collect a lot of Gold makes more Gold
4 The higher the level of 50 Gold Reward
5 According to the number of uses Fireball Gold Magic Award
6 According to the number of uses Freezing Ice Magic Gold Award
7 According to the number of uses Gravity Magic Gold Award

- 99% Free Games, available in-app payments, but this game does not require many gold many gem
1 Gold +2000 bonus once per day (reset every night at 12 pm)
2 Cash Shop Page : Review and comments and Defender Series link offers Gem + 10 Bonus
3 Gold and Gems Quest easy mode with various quick and easy game and progress
4 When the level of difficulty is higher than 1000 IRMA ignored. Very difficult

About 10bird Games :D
Tap and Slice or Joystick using an Simple easy game. Bizarre horror zombie did not use, bright illustration cute doodle character design for young boy girl and kids children. This game is so retro that you can enjoy it all by yourself, or with friends next to you. Don't you miss games from 90's? Because there are no social features WiFi Internet when outside the fire go out even if the battery is charged cell phone you can play anytime, anywhere!

Android 2.2 и выше

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