Лого Dragon Revenge

Dragon Revenge

4 октября 2014 | AMEPOH


Download Dragon Revenge see why thousands of people enjoy this game all over the world !

Dragon Revenge is shoot 'em up arcade game , it's a fairy story about the adventure of the Dragon King's son to defeat the Dark Legion, and bring back the peace again.

This game is good for kids.
Easy to control.
Beautiful, cute graphic.
Fun for the whole family.

Featuring :

- With 8 skills (Fire ball, Comet, Ice Ball, Fireworks,Following, Twisted, Sweeping Fire).
- With 3 Magic (Lava, Lighting, Kame).
- With 3 Characters (Thorn, Errol, Dagura).
- With 3 Pets (Ruby, Dakota, Loki).
- Unlock and Upgrade Character to get stronger - more HP and MP.
- Unlock and Upgrade Skill to increase damage and the effects of skill.
- Unlock and Upgrade Magic to increase damage and time of used Magic.
- Unlock and Upgrade Pets to increase damage and speed rate of the pet.

Android 2.3 и выше

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