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Dungeon of Genesis RPG

14 декабря 2014 | DROIDOFF


Dungeon of Genesis RPG - олдскульная 3D RPG на андроид.

Dungeon of Genesis is a 3D, dungeon-crawler fantasy RPG. Players can choose parties of up to six warriors to take on GEORDEEN, the Demon King, who lurks on the 30th floor of a labyrinthine dungeon.

Along the way, you will encounter dozens of monsters and discover legendary weapons, equipment, and rare items to aid you on your journey. Collect, appraise, and sell items you uncover to gain more riches.

Key features of Dungeon of Genesis:

* Harkening back to its RPG roots, this dungeon crawler is all-new, with simple, yet complex old-school gameplay.

* Features incredible monster designs, as well as wonderfully-rendered dungeon environments and items.

* A rich, original soundtrack, plus realistic sound effects draw players into the world of Dungeon of Genesis.

* Simply tap the button on the bottom right-side of the screen to access the menu. Easy to learn and use.

Other functions:

* Switch between playing on the iPhone or Android at any time.
* Auto-Save feature allows you to resume playing without losing any stats or items.


From a time long since passed comes a story of sorrow and tragedy many have now forgotten.

One day, an army of monsters appeared out of the shadows and slaughtered scores of innocent people.

Greedy and depraved, they devastated the peaceful kingdom, destroying the people’s economy
and ushering in an era of great chaos.

The survivors lost their livelihoods and had to fight to survive. The most courageous among them took up their weapons and fought back against the demon hordes.

Some were turned to stone, others transformed into the living dead. The battle raged on, but eventually the monsters were driven back, trapped in the labyrinthine dungeon deep below the castle.

Confined to the dungeon walls, they were defeated by the knights and sealed there forever by sorcerers wielding ancient magic. Finally beaten, the creatures retreated to the shadows and peace was once again restored.

Hundreds of years passed. Then one evening, a young man spotted a strange red star glowing in the night sky.

Suddenly, it emitted a bright light that shone down directly on the castle.

The ground shook, creating a tremendous rumble causing the castle walls to crumble, and revealing the dungeon below.

A terrible power has been released. The monsters, once dormant, are now reborn. For the people, the only choice that remains is to fight back. And so, warriors of all the tribes have taken up their arms and banded together to save the kingdom.

One young fighter, battling throughout the night, wondered to himself if this would mean the end of the world. Having no choice but to don the armor passed down to him from his great-grandfather, he sets out all alone for the Mercenaries Guild located in the castle ruins...

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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