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Dungeon Hero RPG

27 марта 2015 | DROIDOFF


Dungeon Hero RPG - является возрождением классического жанра Dungeon Crawlers.

Dungeon Hero RPG is a revival of the classic genre of Dungeon Crawlers.

It is meant to be -the- ultimate dungeon crawler.

• Beautiful Cartoony Graphics;
• Wonderful Music (23 audio tracks);
• 13 Heroes to choose from (more soon);
• 6 Pets;
• 1000+ Unique Items;
• 81 Unique Monsters;
• Secrets;
• Magic and Spell casting;
• Hand-to-hand combat (dual weapons, or shield+weapon);
• Ranged combat (bows and crossbows);
• Unique gameplay experience every time thanks to Random Dungeons;
• Free Bonus every day you play the game.


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This is a first release, so expect some balancing changes and new content being added over time.

If you love games like Dungeon Master, Eye of the Beholder, Legend of Grimrock, then you will love this game too!

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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