Лого Duty Cop Driver Police Chase

Duty Cop Driver Police Chase

30 января 2015 | DROIDOFF


Duty Cop Driver Police Chase - смертельная гонка на полицейской машине.

Duty Cop Driver Police Chase in one of the top new racing game in the Google Play!
Awaits you deadly chase on police car in the city avenue and country mountain hot roads. Would you like a crazy ride on a police car on the traffic road?
In this surprising cop driving simulator you will have a complete control over your amazing race car.
You're a real cop, you are running in the department to combat car thieves and illegal the races, your duty to fight criminals and illegal drivers racing.
Your duty is not to give prestuanikam get to the target before you.
Participate in chase a police car, do not get into an accident on the road with a lot of traffic racers.
This is a real Police Chase race in the city avenue and mountain road. Reach the target of most other racers and win the race in its cop car.
It is the duty of the police to prevent criminals to win the race and get to the target first.
The road is full of traffic cars, move among them so as not to get into an accident on the road.
Destroy other cars on the traffic road. This game is one of the top free racing games at the moment!
Duty Cop Driver Police Chase is very difficult racing game you which you will be involved in the chase and the race to win you have to win races.
Races take place on the track, in the city and the mountainson asphalt. Police car has a very good performance and engine, it is no problem to quickly peremeschatsya on the race track among the large traffic.
Asphalt on the road is very hot on this cop chase on police car.

Android 2.2 и выше

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