Лого Evil Tiny necromancer Retro

Evil Tiny necromancer Retro

16 декабря 2014 | DROIDOFF


Evil Tiny necromancer Retro - ретро аркада о некроманте.

Tiny Necromancer is an epic retro fast paced platformer. Unleash the evil inside and let
your wrath rain down on all foes that dares cross your path and conjure diffrent deadly spells to
devour the puny mortals in your way!

54 deadly levels awaits!

venture into the gloomy woodland to hunt and strike down the dragon!
watch out for the devious corrupt brother hood that also wants the power
of the dragon.

or do you dare to step into the ice cold lands and find the gateway portal
to the destructive land of the dead the shadow realm where the true darkness lies waiting.

- 54 dangerous levels that will test your skills;
- Collect loot that you find in the world;
- Buy dark magic spells will you throw deadly bolts or perhaps sumon minion imps to do your work?
- Many diffrent enemys, push the other evil powers to the brink of extinction;
- 4 bosses that will gut you in a blink of an eye so be carefull!
- Fast-paced levels;
- And a dragon of cource we all love dragons!

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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