Лого Exorcism to! Curse of the room

Exorcism to! Curse of the room

20 июня 2015 | DROIDOFF


Exorcism to! Curse of the room - хоррор, в котором Вы будете изгонять злых духов и других существ.

*** The real fear, you do not know yet***
*** Challenged the limits of smartphone, the most scary horror game ***

"Sakura" Japanese girl visited been called best friend old was apartment room.
She was supposed to be exorcism in a room that was cursed in favor of a close friend.
And will be a horrible experience ...

※ "Exorcism to! Curse of the room" is scary better to play with there sound.
※We do not recommend this game to people who feel very horribly the ghosts, supernatural, horror, grudge, malicious spirit, tense atmosphere.
※Text in the game is Japanese, but please rest assured. A very simple operation, you can understand immediately how do.

Android 2.3 и выше

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