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20 марта 2015 | DROIDOFF


FallenSouls - отличная MMORPG, которая набита множеством часов разнообразной и увлекательной игры!

A powerful kingdom with 3 races reign and fighting against powerful darkness evil. All new heroes are welcome to join the war and show is power!

FallenSouls is an exciting MMORPG packed full of many hours of varied and engrossing gameplay!

What kind of Hero will you be?

Choose from Noble Humans, Bloodthirsty Orcs and the Mighty Undead.
Become a resolute warrior, a swift ranger or a mystical mage.

Make your hero number 1 by conquering the PVP Arena.
Team up and take on epic dungeons together.
Join thousands of players to try and slay the mighty world boss.
Join a Guild and use teamwork to progress.
How will you play?

Use legendary weapons and armor to further strengthen your Hero.
Recruit all kinds of powerful mercenaries to help you on your journey.
Take down a variety of lethal monsters in the campaign.
Restore and upgrade your very own castle.
Use fast paced turn based combat to defeat foes.
Hunt for Legendary items to vastly increase your Battle Rating.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.2 и выше

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