Лого Fearless Fantasy

Fearless Fantasy

12 июля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Fearless Fantasy - одна из самых сложных пошаговых РПГ на андроид, выпущенных в этом году.

As Leon, the world’s most dangerous bounty hunter, you embark on a mission to slay the world’s weirdest creatures, and save a girl from an awful marriage.

Fearless Fantasy is probably the weirdest RPG you’ll play this year. It’s a gesture-based adventure that's constantly keeping you on your toes. You use swipes, taps and pauses to both score critical hits and block enemy attacks, resulting in an involved and rewarding experience on every turn.


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- Use gestures to land critical hits;
- Character design that's both extraordinary and creepy in equal measure;
- Full story store with animated cutscenes and voice-overs;
- Upgrades and progression systems to bump up your heroes;
- Epic boss fights.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.2 и выше

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