Лого Find a Way Soccer 2

Find a Way Soccer 2

13 декабря 2014 | AMEPOH


You’re in the last shivering minutes. The game is tied, but you just got an amazing opportunity to score. Do you have what it takes to do it?

Challenge your brain once more with Find a Way Soccer - the puzzle game for all soccer fans out there. The sequel is also about planning several steps ahead, anticipating your opponents’ next moves and knowing where your teammates are heading. The Gold Star is only a few moves away, but are you smart enough to get it?

What’s new?
Find a Way Soccer 2 features the entire original Find a Way Soccer levels (Global Cup) and the 2014 Brazil World Cup soccer cup teams. On top of that a bunch of new features:

- A new tournament called “Elite Cup”
- 24 challenging levels (48 in total)
- 10 more teams to choose from
- 2 new player types; the Dribbler and the Blocker

Also, there’s the new Supershot. The name kind of explains that one…

Listen to great music
A cup is not only soccer; it’s so much more. Find a Way Soccer 2 features great music that will get you in the right cup mood!

The ball is rolling… Game on!

Android 2.3 и выше

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