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Go King Game

20 апреля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Go King Game - платформер на андроид, основанный на реальной истории из жизни.

A young man must face against powerful enemies to save his people, but unknowingly, is destined to be the greatest king and warrior of all time.

Go King is a platform game inspired by the real life story of King David found in the first book of Samuel in the Bible. Players must confront powerful enemies while touring stunning scenery to recover assets that have been stolen.


• Play for the first time the greatest story ever told King David;
• Defeat the most feared and become the most important warrior of all time giant;
• Transform your slingshot into a powerful weapon.


• 5 different worlds with over 20 adventures;
• Stunning graphics in 2D and 3D;
• Epic battles against powerful enemies;
• Optimized for Retina Display.

Путь для кэша:

Android 3.0 и выше

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