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GRAND PRIX TRAFFIC CITY RACER - игра на андрои, в которой мы гоняем по городу на болиде Формулы-1.

Formula one hits the city streets in this crazy arcade game. A nutcase F1 driver is navigating heavy traffic during rush hour. Is he late for the race, is it a demo, an emergency or does he need to make an express delivery? Let's face it the only real street circuit is Monaco right?

You play as a reckless thug who is wanted for theft. You have a clear advantage though. You are escaping from the police in a state of the art, super fast Formula One car. Can you master the incredible horse power that lies beneath the bonnet of your vehicle? Are your driving skills and senses sharp enough to navigate around the cross traffic on the highway?

Ignore all traffic signs and lights, today this bandit will prevail and lose his pursuers. How far can you take the story, it is time to floor it to the max and get yourself to the Mexican desert! Or will you crash and end up as a deadman?

- Controls are dead simple in Grand Prix Traffic City Racer, simply tap left or right to change lanes, but beware of incoming traffic.
- Due to the helicopter view you can look ahead a little. Make sure to do this to successfully weave through congested traffic.
- Try to fully concentrate on your screen and get into the zone for that all important high score




+ Crazy high speed traffic racing;
+ Beautiful HD / 3D visuals;
+ Free app / game, no in-app purchases required;
+ The car auto accelerates so you can pay attention to the steering;
+ Deformation system, your car will break apart on impact and broken parts will scatter;
+ Spectacular crash animations;
+ Crank up the volume for super sound quality.

Android 2.3 и выше

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