Лого The Great Ghost Chase

The Great Ghost Chase

4 ноября 2014 | DROIDOFF


The Great Ghost Chase - это интерактивная игра, которая поведает Вам о приключениях храбрых героев.

Follow Alvina or Alistair to look for their ancestors and help them to rebuild their family tree.
The great ghost chase is a real game-book, where common sense and cunning will help you to complete successfully this inquiry.
You should, with the help of the ghost-dragon, find all the castle’s ghosts.

In the great ghost chase, you can:
- Read and have fun!
- Create your own reading by choosing your character : Alvina; the girl or Alistair; the boy.
- Find characters in screens, if you read correctly the riddle it’s easy!
- Follow your own way to discover the castle.
- Save your reading to take it up again when you want.
- Complete the family tree of your hero.
- Play again if you take the wrong path : you have several lives!!

“The great ghost chase” is an edutainment book because it artfully combines play and reading.
Riddles, surprises, and thought : reading is interactive, lively and bouncy!

- 23 screens;
- Translated into French, English and Chinese;
- About 20 minutes of gaming-reading;
- Beautiful illustrations are accompanied by a captivating sound-design.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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