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Guild of Greyhoods - PVP RPG

9 апреля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Guild of Greyhoods - PVP RPG - РПГ игра на андроид.

Guild of Greyhoods takes you on an epic dungeon quest, exploring ancient towers all across old King Rheon’s land. This vast multiplayer PVP RPG game from Pangea Mobile pits you against monsters and enemies as you ascend through dangerous towers, searching for riches and weapons.

Start your quest to become the top dungeon hunter in the band of Greyhoods. You begin as a rogue citizen of King Rheon’s destroyed kingdom. Disobeying his leadership, you listen only to the words of your fellow Greyhoods. Your dungeon quest begins at the nearby tower of Karrath. It is your duty to combat monsters and bosses in this PVE and PVP roguelike RPG.

Swipe through the dungeon to begin exploring on your dungeon quest. Go through different rooms and scale the tower looking for chests filled with jewels and weapons as you fight monsters, dragons and bosses on every floor.

Choose to play as a paladin, ranger, rogue, mage or warrior in this PVP RPG dungeon journey. Do you have what it takes to be the best dungeon hunter in the rogue Guild of Greyhoods?


Roguelike RPG
• RPG allows you to select player class to combat deadly monsters and bosses;
• Roguelike gameplay gives you limited moves to explore dungeon towers in your dungeon quest;
• Choose to play as a Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Mage or Warrior;
• Level up your chosen character by collecting different combat weapons, fighting different monsters and exploring more levels of the tower.

PVE Dungeon Quest
• Dungeon quest takes you on epic combat campaigns based in five regions: Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind and Earth;
• PVE quest games allow you to combat hidden monsters in each room;
• Combat each boss on every floor to unlock more floors;
• Boss battles to unlock a new floor of the tower.

PVP Multiplayer Community
• Multiplayer community provides thousands of players to play with or against in your dungeon quest;
• PVP leaderboard available to see where you rank among those fighting monsters and bosses;
• PVP gameplay allows you to steal combat weapons and gold from other players.

Scale the dungeon tower in your quest for jewels and weapons! Combat monsters, dragons and other bosses lurking in the dark. Will you be the top dungeon hunter in this roguelike PVP RPG? Download Guild of Greyhoods for free today!

Android 2.3 и выше

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