Лого Hang On

Hang On

27 сентября 2014 | AMEPOH


Do you want to just relax or train your vocabulary in a foreign language?
For both, you can use our special version of the very well known hangman game.

Why is it actually so special? Our game consists of one thousand basic words, not only one foreign language, but seven! Of course we have english, german or spanish and what's more you have everything also in french, italian, czech and slovak. So in total the game has seven thousand words.

You can choose to play from these seven languages. What's more, you can choose a language in which you will see the word translated after you have guessed it. This is exactly the feature which makes this game so special and so useful while learning languages. You don't have to concentrate on learning itself. Just by playing the game you get to see the translated word and eventually you will remember a lot of new words. If this feature bothers you, you can just easily switch it off.

You can play in your mother tongue and at the end, the words will translate to the language in which you are studying or you can choose the opposite way around to make it harder for yourself.

The whole game is situated amongst natural rock formations with rock climbers, so you don't have to be afraid that your kids will be fritghtened by some hangman. On the contrary you and your kids will laugh, when you see the climber hanging head down on the rope.

Two game modes:
SURVIVAL: You guess all one thousand words at once, randomly, whithout help, not knowing in which category the word belongs. According to the speed of your guess, you can gain from one up to three golden coins. After finishing one language you can get 3 thousand coins. If you can make all seven languages, you can get up to 21 thousand coins. How much do you think, you can get?

TRAINING: You guess the words of one chosen category. This will help you to practice the particular vocabulary of category in which you want to practice. It's only training so you don't need to be nervous about the time or golden coins, you guess only for fun. At the end of the course you get to see the statistics about how many words you guessed and how many you got wrong. Then you can decide if you want to play this category again or continue with the next one.

- 2 play modes: SURVIVAL a TRAINING
- 7 languages
- 17 categories
- 7000 words
- amazing HD graphics
- funny music
- no advertisments
- no in app purchases

- English
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Italian
- Czech
- Slovak

- colours
- human body
- travelling
- numbers
- animals
- clothing
- music
- occupation
- sport
- electronics
- weather
- verbs
- fruit and vegetable
- food
- living
- states
- shopping

Android 2.2 и выше

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