Лого Heroes and Knights

Heroes and Knights

14 февраля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Heroes and Knights - неплохая экшн-РПГ игра на андроид.

The English version is now available!

At the chaotic nexus point between dimensions, only the Heroes can stop the Fallen Knights from bringing about the end of the reality!

It’s up to you to save the universe from chaos! Assemble a rag-tag team of heroes and go on an adventure to save the Fallen Knights! Battle titans with your unique team of crusaders from across the universe, control your crew in vast 3D space, and create strategies to defeat your enemies!

Climb through the mess of mad minions on your path to the Fallen Knights. Those madcap lords are mighty, but your dimension-hopping adrenaline-junkies also have the advantage of being completely confusing. Why is a football player fighting against fallen angels? How did the psychotic succubus turn her back on her demonic brethren? Is the lollipop-wielding baby a deity in disguise? Use the mind maze to your advantage and take out the dirty denizens of the outer planes out before their doomsday plan can be enacted!


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• Collect awesome Heroes from different dimensions – team up with a football player, succubus, fanatical priest, candy-wielding baby, and more!
• Each Hero has powerful attacks – conduct your compatriots into an orchestra of destruction against tyrannical boss creatures.
• Compete against other players in intense PVP battles to become the ultimate champion of the domain.
• Undergo each mission with as much control as you want! Command each individual hero, direct them as a single unit, or let the auto-battle attack anyone foolish enough to stand up to you!
• Maneuver your characters in a 3D space and strategize how to trap your enemies between a rock golem and a football player’s shoulder pads.
• Upgrade your Heroes’ equipment and level them up for more skills, more levels, and bigger fights!

Android 3.0 и выше

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