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31 июля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Infection - традиционная RPG в недалёком будущем. Интересный и увлекательный сюжет не оставит Вас равнодушными.

A traditional RPG, depicted in a near future ravaged by a large meteorite.
The end of the world depicted by an entirely new dark and beautiful world, and a strong story.

The story takes place in a ravaged world, where half of the world population has turned into “demons”, because of a large meteorite that suddenly came flying from above.
People around the world now live in despair, and have lost all hope.

And now, a new demon is about to be born.
This demon’s father, Norman, is heading to a certain city in order to save his daughter, Lily, from turning into a demon.

Explore a world destroyed by the demons, and create various equipments from items you have obtained.

In the main part of the game, “Exploration”, there is no overly complex mechanics, and you can enjoy genuine battles filled with various skills.

In “Synthesis”, it is possible to create original equipments by mixing together items found in “Exploration”.
By synthesizing, your synthesis level rises, which directly increases the abilities of created equipments.

Furthermore, by combining class skills specific to a character with equipment skills, possibilities are infinite.

In addition, by researching items obtained from explorations, it is possible to get funds and rare items.

So, what is waiting beyond this world?

Is it “Light”? Is it “Darkness”?

Android 2.3 и выше

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