Лого Iron Ball Ride

Iron Ball Ride

24 января 2015 | DROIDOFF


Iron Ball Ride - аркада на андроид.

Fancy a tightrope walk at 10,000 feet? How about snowboarding off an infinity edge mountain? These are just a few of the death defying feats required in the rolling ball platformer that is Iron Ball Ride. Don't let the peaceful mountain top setting fool you. This obstacle course in the clouds is black diamond rated in difficulty. The game requires precision timing and serious gaming chops to master the 31 levels.

Just when you get the hang of navigating the ball through hairpin turns, around crates and up steep inclines, they up the ante with a razor thin track, banked ramps and stop on a dime floating platforms. There are high speed descents, scattered obstacles requiring thread the needle maneuverability, daredevil jumps and unseen dangers ready to throw you off course at every turn. Miscalculate the speed and momentum or be too slow slamming on the brakes and your ball winds up in the purple abyss.


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Those up to the challenge posed by this devilishly difficult game will enjoy the following features:

- Easy, one finger swipe ball control;
- Intuitive language neutral settings;
- Non-violent, ad-free interface suitable for kids 9+ and kids at heart;
- Unlimited opportunities to replay a level without penalty;
- Untimed play which allows for strategizing moves;
- Multiple paths to success on some challenges.

Android 2.3 и выше

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