Лого Just Not Fair

Just Not Fair

20 февраля 2016 | DROIDOFF


Just Not Fair - хардкорный 2D платформер на андроид. Игра для людей с крепкими нервами.

Feel the rage! But don´t throw your phone. Just Not Fair is a 2d platformer.
Jump, run, and what ever you do, don´t hit the traps. Seriously they are evil.
Can you beat the game with less then 10 deaths? If so, let the games begin!

Just Not Fair is what you would call a "RAGE game".
The game is simple enough, Get the key. Go trough the gate.
As simple as it gets. Just don´t die.
There are 2 rules in Just Not Fair, 1. Avoid the spikes. 2. Don´t play with the saw blades, they don´t like you...
The goal is to have the least amount of deaths when winning the game.
Can you be the best?
This game is hard, Not meeh it´s hard, it´s the H in Holy mother of hard.
Timing is everything, feel the ninja grow inside you and become one with the jumps.

Android 2.3 и выше

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