Лого Kahuna Surfer

Kahuna Surfer

2 июля 2013 | DROIDOFF


Meet Dax. He lives on an island and loves to surf. Join him in this adventure to master the waves and discover all that the island has to offer!

Kahuna Surfer is a topographically played surfing game with a touch screen joystick and buttons. You control the surfer by paddling him around at a surf break, catching waves, riding the sweet spot, and pulling off cool tricks.

This version unlocks 2 special boards: The Short Board and The Classic Islander Long Board

The Short Board:

This is your step up to showing off your turns and moves. It's light and quick, so your turns will be sharp and score high. It's also small enough that you can duck dive underneath a breaking wave, saving you time and energy paddling out. Special moves include The Handgrab, Frontside Snap and Backside Snap.

The Classic Islander Long Board:

This is your classic surfboard for having fun in the sun. It's big, long, and buoyant, so no wave is too small and you'll be sure to stay in front of it. It's also stable enough you can play on it. Special moves include the inverted Headstand, and Stepping to Hang 10.

Android 2.3 и выше

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