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League of Devils

5 декабря 2014 | DROIDOFF


League of Devils - мобильная пошаговая RPG на андроид с необычной сюжетной линией.

League of Devils is a Mobile RPG Game with a completely anti-traditional storyline--you play a character who is officially a "devil". Living in the underground world, the player learns various and very interesting abilities (devil abilities are always more fun) and fight those humans of so-called justice.

【Class Introduction】
Cyclops - the giant warrior in the abyss. With strong body, his brave and tenacious ensures his success in a hammer against any enemies. Besides, they can use Cyclopic Beam to give enemies a hard blow. Good at field control, have lots of single target restrict skill. Good at single target DPS at earlier stage but weak group defence. At the later stage mainly fight on 6v6, single target DPS will be quite useless. Moreover, his poor defence can’t protect teammate, even himself. Difficulty: 9

Vampire - elegant and flexible, killers during the midnight, kings during the nightfall, they are able to learn swords and dark magic and good at beating to the draw. They are the dark warrior with the most balanced rating. More like assassin, own the fastest speed and the highest dodge in this game. Have good AOE ability in the beginning, in the later stage, have extremely explosive power on single target attack. Balance on both attack and defence. She is the best choice for who enjoy defeat enemy in the critical moment by a wave of explosive attack. Difficulty: 3

Akuma - the spirit of a martyr. He was respectable when he was alive. After he died, he turned into a ghost hero. He owns the ability to combine magic and swords. Best MT, have lots of Buff, powerful on single fight. Very strong in the earlier stage. But lack of skill to attack back row energy made every battle prolonged at later stage. Difficulty: 7

Witch - the cute devil protecting the source of hell magic. They are born with powerful magic. They are best at magic about thunder and ice. And they can control the Death to sweep enemies. Witch is more about supporting. Best choice for non-cash player.


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*Innovative World Design of a Floating "Avatar" Map
The unique and original map design is its specialty-earth that is floating in the midair and is consisted of hexagonal bricks that only appear one by one when you step on the brick right next to them. There are various unpredictable bricks will surely bring you lots of fun during fighting.

*5 Races of Devils to Choose with Distinctive Character and Skill
The Classes are completely anti-traditional character among Vampire, Cyclops, Ghost Knight, Fairy and Mummy. No matter what you choose, you will feel refreshing in League of Devils.

*Astonishing Comic-Style Battle Effects
There are over 999 pets with different attributes and skills to make the battles strategic. You will use various strategic combinations of different pets and skills to display your wisdom in turn-based battle. And the lively comic figures also give the fight more fun.

*Turn into Frenzy Mode in Arena
There is a system set up within the game that will show the ranks of the top players in the Arena. In frenzy mode, you need to challenge 10 random players in a row. Once you win all of them, you will get higher points; you will be at the higher rank. Both Victory and Glory belong to you.

What you wait for? Do not hesitate to join in League of Devils to experience more fun and more features in person.

Android 2.3 и выше

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