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Lone Wolf Saga

8 декабря 2014 | DROIDOFF


Lone Wolf Saga - несправедливо забытая всеми интерактивная книга.

Для игры требуется загрузить через опции доп. файлы: текст, картинки (последнее на ваше усмотрение).

The world of Lone Wolf, the Kai Master created by Joe Dever, is coming on your Android Phone.

"The Masters of Darkness" is finally playable!!!
Upon your triumphant return from the twilight world of the Daziarn, you discover your mortal enemies - the Darklords of Helgedad - are poised to conquer all of Magnamund.

In The Masters of Darkness, your mission is to journey to the infernal city of Helgedad, to the very heart of the Darklords’ evil empire. There you must confront Darklord Gnaag, Archlord of the Black City, in a battle that will determine the future of your entire world.

This application wants to be a complete collection of the saga, starting from the Kai levels of "Flight From the Dark" and "Fire on the Water", up to the last levels of the Kai Grand Master.

Fight your way through the minions of the DarkLords, navigate the seas of the Magnamund, and make wise use of your Kai Disciplines to survive in an hostile environment.

Use the options menu to gain access to the map, to your inventory and to all the options for the game; if you enjoy the game, please support it by donating through the in-game interface.

Create and save more profiles, select you favorite Kai Disciplines, carefully choose your way exploring the world of Sommerlund, play and replay the game for free for as long as you like; if you find any bugs, you can send me a report in real-time through the game-interface.

I hope you will enjoy your adventures in the Magnamund!

Android 2.1 и выше

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