Лого Miturn!


3 июля 2013 | DROIDOFF


Настольная игра-головоломка.

Make your way through 70+ levels while blowing up walls, jumping over traps and flipping switches in this hybrid board-puzzle game by Nujanre! Miturn! is the first game of it's kind allowing you to use your own creativity by placing interactive pieces on a board in order to solve the puzzles. The player who reaches home in the lesser amount of moves will receive better rewards and you gain more pieces to use as the puzzles become harder and more complex. Solve the puzzles crafted by mysterious tribes!

Ссылка на видео Miturn!


- Unique board-puzzle game;
- 70+ levels across 4 different board worlds;
- Collectibles hidden in-game;
- Great replay value;
- Tablet screen supported!
- Extra Modes and levels coming soon!

Android 2.0 и выше

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