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Movie Studio Story

29 февраля 2016 | DROIDOFF


Movie Studio Story - настало Ваше время опробовать себя в киноиндустрии. Но не думайте, что все так просто. Постройте студию, наймите персонал, проведите отбор актеров... и не забывайте, что при этом нужна стараться тратить деньги максимально эффективно.

Lights, Camera, Action!!!

It's time to become a maven of the movie industry and usher in the next Golden Era of cinematic brilliance ….but not so fast. Before the slate drops or a single line of script is spoken, you've got to pay your dues.

Hire your people. Build your studio. Create an empire. Sift through actor resumes and execute that summer blockbuster marketing campaign. Manage every step to becoming the next industry big-wig in this movie studio sim!

Game Features:
- Headhunt and hire screenwriters, actors, crewmembers, directors and more to produce your next box-office hit
- Train actors in specific genres for better performances. Add harrowing dramatic artists, lampooning comedians and other versatile performers to your stable. (Careful, some have a penchant for luxury---be sure to upgrade their trailers or they'll walk.)
- Build custom studio sets and film everything from big budget action movies to far out sci-fi flicks
- Win critical acclaim. What will Vanity Fear say of your latest release? Will your Stinking Cheese rating be in good company with the season's blockbusters? Win the industry's most prestigious awards by earning high-accolades among critics and build your reputation.
- Show me the Money! Build your network of movie studios, grow your production empire and rake in the cash
- Be a cunning marketer and don’t let your next hit go unseen

You are the protaganist in your own Movie Studio Story. How will yours play out?

Android 4.2 и выше

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