Лого Narborion Saga

Narborion Saga

19 ноября 2014 | DROIDOFF


Narborion Saga - фэнтезийная интерактивная игра на андроид.

The Narborion Saga interactive gamebook series will take you to a world of epic high fantasy. Read the chapters, let the story unfold in your mind's eye and influence the epic saga. This role-playing game will put you in the role of a young page serving the Royal Champion, who embarks on his first quest to assist the Lady Carluna, Princess of the Kingdom on her attempt to restore a Goddess to full power. During his travels, the hero will meet surprisingly civilized goblins, angry monsters, ancient demons buried in a battlefield, a dangerous swamp, a gypsy camp and finally the Black Keep, where the arch-enemy of this book awaits.


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- Dynamic storytelling;
- Custom character creation;
- Dice-based skill checks and combat system;
- A wide range of items to be used;
- Spells and magic to help the quest;
- Astonishing artwork;
- Side quests;
- Fame-based advancement system;
- Touch-based mini-games;
- Real riddles to let your brain work;
- A bookmark system to save game.

Android 4.0 и выше

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