Лого Neon Ski

Neon Ski

5 декабря 2013 | DROIDOFF


Захватите пару лыж или сноуборд и играйте в Neon Ski!

Grab a pair of skies or a snowboard and play Neon Ski now! Jump and Slide throughout lots of different levels and an infinite survival mode. Tap the screen to gain speed and release a few seconds before jumping for a perfect jump. Complete every single level in this exciting game, get lots of coins and use them to buy upgrades. Choose among double coins, extra speed, or extra jump and improve your results. You can also buy different extreme characters. What are you waiting for? If you like skiing and neon-styled games, this is definitely the game for you!


- 2 режима игры;
- Эстетика Neon;
- Много уровней;
- 3 бонуса, чтобы увеличить ваш игровой опыт;
- Простое управление.

Android 2.1 и выше

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