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15 июля 2014 | AMEPOH


Pall - простая и захватывающая игра-головоломка. Ваша задача состоит в чтобы провести один или несколько шаров через серию лабиринтов.

Pall is a fun, simple and addictive puzzle game.

Your goal is to guide one or more balls through a series of mazes while utilizing various game pieces, from teleporters to splitters, to reach your goal. Balls can also change their form and react to game set-pieces differently (e.g. a ball when in steel form can crush glass obstacles).
All puzzles are hand-crafted with a gradually increasing level of challenge.
Pall is suitable for both genders and all ages with no mature content.


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+ 50 handcrafted puzzles, resulting in hours of gameplay;
+ Numerous alternative solutions;
+ Dynamic original soundtrack;
+ Retro pixel graphics;
+ Optimized to work on majority of Android devices, low graphics setting available;
+ No ads;
+ Rated for Everyone.

Android 2.1 и выше

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