Лого Parkour Simulator 3D 2015

Parkour Simulator 3D 2015

27 октября 2014 | AMEPOH


We welcome you in the new game Parkour Simulator 3D 2015! Your character has an unusual fluidity. This blockbuster in your mobile device based on Android! He actively jumping across rooftops. Play and you will learn to do amazing tricks! This is a real parkour!

Control your character fluidity. Tap on the screen device. Control the speed of running and jumping. Try to keep the character in the game parkour Parkour Simulator 3D 2015. can not fall to the ground homeland. Have to start the level again. To your character in the blockbuster must pass 10 challenging levels to win the game.

Train to play one and improve their results parkour with the table of records. You can return to play Parkour Simulator 3D 2015 and achieve new results blockbuster. Run across the roof, they will change, you need to have time to properly tap the screen device. Hold character in the air. Remember, you can not fall to the ground in a blockbuster. This is your homeland, start playing!

Parkour Simulator 3D 2015 - is the best parkour jumps that you learn to do today! Start playing now! Become the best player fluidity parkour.

- Powerful crafted gameplay
- The most realistic simulation of parkour stunts
- 10 levels and 20 different tracks
- Easy operation for beginners, huge development opportunities for experienced players
- Free to play!

Android 2.3 и выше

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