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16 января 2016 | DROIDOFF


PipSpin - аркадная головоломка на андроид, которая проверит Ваш ум, реакцию и внимательность.

PipSpin is an arcade action puzzler that will put your brain, reflexes, and thumbs to the test!
The controls and rules are simple...tap left or right to maneuver your line to avoid oncoming obstacles.
The challenge is anything but simple... hone your brain power and thumb skills to maneuver your line through 10 levels of fast paced, choreographed, puzzle action.
Can you beat all 10 levels?


Ссылка на видео PipSpin


● Simple touch left/right controls;
● Challenging precision-requiring gameplay;
● Fast paced pattern recognition puzzling;
● Customizable PipSpin color schemes (With $0.99 Hacker Edition);
● Vintage arcade graphics and audio;
● Google Play Leaderboards;
● Foam Finger wearing robots.

Android 2.3 и выше

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