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Pixel Arms

27 октября 2015 | DROIDOFF


Pixel Arms - большая часть человечества поражена опасным вирусом. Те кто ещё не инфицирован, активно борятся за выживание. Помогите им, спасите мир...

2015 year, The world fell into despair.. As a deadly virus, many people were killed or infected.
The infected people referred as a "zombie", they attacked remaining survivors.

No hope in a world. The rest of mankind will begin to resist sustained life. To save the world, we need your help. Would you like to join us?

★ Single Campaign
Proceed to the episode of Pixel Arms, remove them with a zombie virus spread in the city.
Difficulty is classified Easy, Normal, Hard. And you can get the reward according to level of Difficulty.

★ Multiplay Team Match Mode
Enjoy up to eight concurrent access to real-time multiplayer.
Fight with the friends, colleagues, and people around the world.

★ Diverse and Wonderful Weapons
Have a Diverse and of distinctive weapons.
Weapons are held sense of great action and a powerful blow.

★ Distinctive Character Customization
With over 50 items, you can decorate the distinctive character of their own.
Show your own character friends, colleagues and people in the world.

★ Reinforce System
You can create powerfully by reinforcing the items.
To subdue the enemy with powerful weapons, get proof of my strength.

★ User-Friendliness Option System
The system provides the option for user convenience.
- Automatically attack : FPS is a small consideration for these difficult-user games.
- Operation Change : Reversing camera, control changes, and provides a variety of options left.
- Show bloodstains On / Off : Change the blood appear, depending on the sign of the user.
- Localization languages: English, Korean Support

★ Rank System
Obtained through the campaign and multiplayer experience and rank up.
You can get a huge reward, depending on rank.

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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