Лого PowerShot - gun shot simulator

PowerShot - gun shot simulator

21 апреля 2015 | DROIDOFF


PowerShot - gun shot simulator - симулятор стрельбы из различных видов оружия.

Weapons simulators usually are very interesting applications. Here we can choose from a few pistols or machine guns and test each of them in different places.


*** Places to shoot - there are 3 different places to test the simulator. There is a location with a single target, there is a place with gasoline barrel, and there is a place where you can kill zombies.
*** Weapons - we have some pistols and machine guns, such as beretta or ak47 or sniper.
*** Realistic sounds - seek to bring the sounds of the most realistic shots. Feel in a war listening to these sounds to shoot.
*** Simple controls - controls are intuitive well.
*** Simulator - this is a simulator, it is not a shooting game where you need to kill terrorists. here you test shots and the power of each weapon.

Hope you enjoy this app.

Android 2.3 и выше

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