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Bobby needs your help! Bobby the protozoon has lost all his magic stars on a trip through the universe and he doesn't want to return home "empty-handed".

Use powerups, skill and intelligence to help Bobby pick them up as fast as possible, since these magic stars are really delicious!

Protozone is a very addictive, skill based action and arcade game but you will also have to puzzle out a good solution for each level. There is a normal mode for casual players and a very challenging time attack mode for hardcore gamers. It is also suitable for kids, and even more fun when played on tablets!


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- 100 Levels;
- Normal Mode;
- Time Attack Mode;
- Powerups (see in-game help);
- Google+ highscores and achievements;
- Intuitive tap & touch controls;
- No Ads.

Normal Mode - Levels can be repeated again and again - Game state will be saved after each level.
Time Attack Mode - All levels must be beaten in one go - There is no possibility to save the game state - +8 seconds per Level and 10 lifes overall - One extra life every 10th level.
The highscores are calculated as follows: (level reached + lifes left) * stars left * time left (in seconds).

Have Fun!

Android 2.3 и выше

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