Лого Race Into Space Pro

Race Into Space Pro

19 ноября 2014 | DROIDOFF


Race Into Space Pro - ремейк Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space на андроид.

This version does not have any of the restrictions applied to the Free version.
PRO vs FREE version:
If you choose to buy Pro version, you'll get:
- Mission videos.
- Play with soviets (instead of USA only).
- Purchase all hardware (without restrictions).
- Build all launch pads (instead of just two).
- Change default settings.
- Updates and enhancements.
- You can write to me and ask for particular updates.

The game is a true Android app, not emulated, and has been enhanced with many little details, for mobile touch devices.

There're still a few restrictions compared to the original DOS game. Mainly due to optimizations:
- You cannot UNDO purchases.
- Just one savegame (but you get autosave feature).
- You cannot edit astronaut / cosmonaut stats.
- You cannot replay mission videos (will probably be available later).

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3.3 и выше

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