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Radio Tycoon

31 января 2016 | DROIDOFF


Radio Tycoon - позволяет управлять вашей собственной радиостанцией! Выбирай музыку для вашего радио, нанимай новых звезд, сделай свое радио лучшее и разбогатей!

Facebook account is required to play full Radio Tycoon game.
No Facebook account is required to play DEMO!

Radio Tycoon lets you manage the station, play music, hire new stars and, most importantly, become insanely rich. You play Radio Tycoon in real time, which means that your radio keeps broadcasting and making money even while you are not using the app. The game works via your Facebook account, so feel free to invite your friends to join you, or to compete with you.

- Choose the music you want to play.
- Buy new cool equipment.
- Design the interior of your station according to your taste and style.
- Attract the most listeners and make more money from advertising.
- Send your friend a message to remind him to water his cactus.

Android 2.0 и выше

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