Лого Raumstation Theseus

Raumstation Theseus

28 января 2016 | DROIDOFF


Raumstation Theseus - интерактивная книга-игра на андроид о мистической космической станции.

Far out in space ... a space station. Dire. Scary. Leaving ... so it seems! But the station Theseus harbors a dark secret. Four commandos have gone there to solve the mystery. You could not be more different: scientists, Marines, a murderous alien breeding and the eerie "Greys". You lead a relentless fight - only one can survive. This is the starting point for the intriguing board game "Space Station Theseus". But around the metal coffin in the Far Orbit entwined stories. StoryQuest and Pegasus Spiele they tell.

StoryQuest and Pegasus Games present four interactive adventure on the mysterious space station Theseus as a Book of Maciej Molenda and Michał Oracz.

A-Books are adventure game books for your smartphone or tablet: Books, where you are the hero himself, with many illustrations, music, sound effects and exciting stories.

You yourself determine your destiny and can decide how the story ends in this A-Book. Read a section and then choose between different ways in which the action to proceed. Will you wake the monster and fight, or rather sneak quietly? You decide and you have it in your hand, whether you're going to be celebrated at the end as a hero or as a monster end up lining.

Follow the four commandos into the darkness and find solve the first the mystery surrounding the Space Station Theseus! Exciting adventures are waiting for you ..

Android 4.1 и выше

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