Лого Raywar: Pandemonium

Raywar: Pandemonium

26 сентября 2015 | DROIDOFF


Raywar: Pandemonium - отбивай бесчисленные атаки врагов в 14 уровнях и 4 игровых режимах. Красочная аркада на андроид.

Destroy infinite number of enemy waves in 14 stages and 4 game modes, unlock 8 completely different abilities, 4 different ships, many achievements and compete with friends and strangers for the best high score.


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• 14 unique stages and 1 boss fight(with more to come);
• 4 different modes;
• 8 different abilities including teleportation, turrets and homing bullets;
• 4 different ships with different passive functions;
• Awesome energetic soundtrack;
• Spectacular HD graphics that bring your device's hardware to the edge;
• Google play games Achievements and Leaderboards;
• Highly Competitive game-play;
• Local multiplayer with the use of 2 game-pads;
• Full game-pad support with adjustable buttons configuration;
• Adjustable on screen controls.

Android 4.4 и выше

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