Лого Ridiculous Triathlon - Runner

Ridiculous Triathlon - Runner

17 апреля 2015 | DROIDOFF


Ridiculous Triathlon - Runner - это история о трех персонажах, которые объединились, чтобы выиграть соревнования по триатлону.

Run, swim and drive in ridiculous ways in this is amazing runner!

Ridiculous Triathlon is the story of 3 characters that put their forces together to be able to compete in a triathlon!

They form a perfect trio but on their own they would not have any chance to win the competition!

They need you to help them dodge all the obstacles and pass the different stages of the game!

In this original, innovative and ridiculous endless runner game visit different cities of the world such as Barcelona, London & Tokyo!

Travel these emblematic cities in the three triathlon stages that include running, cycling and swimming!

Each of the different triathlon stages have their own funny and simple dynamics and controls!

Pile up the different characters one on each other in a funny way in order to dodge the obstacles present on the road!

Use the accelerometer to control the bicycle and dodge the holes and obstacles!

Swipe your fingers on the touch screen of your device to swim and survive the marine fauna!

Make sure to collect all the coins and power-ups available on the road!

With funny cartoon graphics and easy controls, this game is perfectly adapted to children (boys & girls) as well as adults wanting to have fun!


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Overall features of Ridiculous Triathlon:

★ Endless Runner, Infinite Fun!
★ Personalize the characters, the bicycle and the swim suit with funny elements!
★ Pick up amazing power-ups that will make the triathlon easier!
★ Complete more than 100 missions in order to improve your multiplier!
★ Obtain awards & gifts in the bonus with the claw crane!
★ Grab the coins on the road to buy bonuses like magnets, copters, UFOs, initial boosts and much more!
★ Plenty of funny animations and beautiful 3D Graphics!
★ Visit cities around the world! Travel the beaches of Barcelona (Spain), the emblematic areas of London (United Kingdom) and the Mount Fuji in Tokyo (Japan)!
★ Have fun with your friends! Compete with them for the highest score and beat their records!
★ Original and innovative runner game!
★ Amazing music!
★ Free!

Путь для кэша:

Android 2.3 и выше

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