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Rise of Factions - SPARTA

13 мая 2017 | DROIDOFF


Rise of Factions - SPARTA - отличная стратегия на андроид со стражениями в режиме реального времени. События в игре будут развиваться во времена древней Греции.

In Rise of Factions: Sparta you pick up the mantle left to you by your previous leader who has not long fallen in battle, whilst you are setting up a new camp on an island southeast of Sparta a courier runs up to the walls and demands to see you, delivering the grave news. You then set out to conquer the ancient Greek peninsula in honour of your fallen leader and create the most formidable army to ever have risen from Sparta.

The game is designed for all ages to be able to "pick up and play" and to be easy to learn with challenging tactical elements.

Rise Of Factions: Sparta will include:
** The title is missing some features and units in this current build, we are working hard to get these features and general fixes with weekly updates**

- 14+ Playable combat units all with their own unique abilities.
- 28 Playable levels in the campaign.
- 13 Different factions for the player to conquer
- Low polygon, stylised art style reminiscent of ancient Greek pottery.
- 20+ Morale cards for the player to unlock to help boost their army before each battle.
- A full, detailed glossary of each of the Spartan units, their equipment and the factions within the game.
- Augmented Reality (AR) **COMING SOON**
- Multiplayer.**COMING SOON**

Путь для кэша:

Android 4.1 и выше

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Rise of Factions - SPARTA v.1.02

author AMEPOH вт, 16/05/2017 - 03:14

Rise of Factions - SPARTA v.1.02

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