Лого The Runes Guild - Beginning

The Runes Guild - Beginning

17 сентября 2014 | DROIDOFF


The Runes Guild - Beginning - неплохой экшн на андроид, в котором Вы должны спасти свой народ от Темной Гильдии.

The Runes Guild - Beginning is an action game where you will save the nation from The Dark Guild.

Old fashion hack & slash with modern graphics.

Amazing action with HD Graphics !!

Optimized HD with the possibility to change detail level to fit your device.

Hours of gameplay;
- Many different locations;
- Traps;
- Great variety of Enemies;
- Progressing difficulty;
- Character Levels;
- Skill Points;
- Spells;
- Learning Runes (allow Spell improvements);
- Spells Leveling;
- Coins;
- Buy HP and MP;
- Collectable Items (story details).


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The Great War has arrived.

Chaos is spreading through the lands.
There is no hope, not for man, orc, elf or any other creature. Death in the only hope.
Those who desire peace are now fighting to survive plagues, diseases and evil raids.

Among those is a small group that believes in the basic elements of
life, and they fight for it.
Saving the innocent and helpless. Feeding the hungry and healing the wounded.
Above all, believing a in better future.

They are called The Runes Guild.
Fight for peace !!

Collect the magic stone to regain health.

Kill all the foes and activate the Holy Shrines.
In order to clear other areas.

Android 2.3 и выше

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